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The Bike Shop Racing Team

… is an Alberta-based team competing across many disciplines of cycling: road, track, gravel, cross-country mountain biking, enduro, and cyclocross. We are athletes who race provincially and nationally, with the intention of lining up at international races in 2024.

As ambassadors of the sport we encourage others to push their boundaries; we believe that through challenge cyclists can achieve a sense of accomplishment while promoting a healthy & active lifestyle.

Link What’s New for 2024

In 2024, The Bike Shop Racing and The Ride Club aim to unify their look with a new Ride Club jersey design closely resembling that of the race team. The Ride Club now boasts 80 members and host weekly road & mountain bike rides. The ABA-registered “The Bike Shop” club encompasses The Ride Club and an 11-person race team consisting of 7 men, 2 women, and 2 Juniors who aim to race at the highest level.

The Bike Shop aims to:

  • Make the jump into racing less intimidating,
  • Have a larger presence at events across Alberta & BC, and
  • Host skills and learn-to-race clinics.

Link 2023 Summary

Over the last year team members placed at some of the biggest events in western Canada:

The team also lined up to support many local races:

Link Why Become a Sponsor?

The team has developed strong relationships with other teams, racers, supporters, organizers, industry professionals & influencers within western Canada’s outdoor/active community. We do our best to support those who support us.

We are a group of professionals — both within and outside of the bike industry. We bring a broad range of skills and experience to support your brand with integrity and passion.

Sponsors will be regularly featured on The Bike Shop Racing and Ride Club Instagram accounts, two of the largest cycling-related social media accounts in Alberta.

Link Sponsorship Details

Sponsorship Level
Primary ≥ $6000†
Secondary $3000†
Tertiary $1500†
Prominent logo on kit
Logo on kit
Content creation / Product feature
Story creation
Social media tags
Brand exposure
† or equivalent value of product

Please let us know how we can represent your company; we’re open to suggestions!

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Please feel free to reach out with any questions you might have! You can contact us via the means below: